Author Topic: We're Moving to a New Data-Center.  (Read 3110 times)

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We're Moving to a New Data-Center.
« on: August 23, 2017, 12:14:02 PM »
This is all going down THIS WEEKEND the 26th and 27th of August, 2017.

In the past month, we've seen a handful of issues and service disruptions to the Hosting services. So the host provider has decided in order to ensure the highest quality of service and stability to us, they have selected a new provider that will more reliably support their business.

Over the period of the next week, they are going to transition this hosting account to their new servers. In most cases, there will be no noticeable difference by any of us and will continue to use  the website as we do today.

PHP Enhancement - PHP 7.0 Available
A new offering that will be available as part of this migration is that we will be able to seamlessly transition the site between PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0, if interested in utilizing the new features in the most up-to-date version of PHP.

Hope to see you on the other side :D
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