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Aeon Mining Guide
So I am one of those miners that want to try to get a few low priced coins in hopes that the value goes up. The one I have been mining is called AEON

It is at this moment worth 3.54 USD. It is like XMR only faster to hash and uses half the space. On my unmodified gaming rig I am pulling 2.8 KH/s on average. Once I get a few coins I will move back to XMR to earn some money to fund my hashing a bit. I am hoping that AEON goes the way of LiteCoin but only time will tell.

In order to mine AEON you will first need to set up your wallet. At this time there is no GUI wallet out there so get your DOS skills ready. The current wallet software can be found on the AEON site (URL above). There is a web wallet available but I am moving away from web wallets due to them being the most likely to get hacked.

Setting up your AEON wallet is pretty straight forward. Download the zip from their site then run the aeond.exe file. Let it sync (may take a LONG time, Hell who am I kidding it will take a LONG FUCKING time). Once it is done syncing just run simplewallet (included in the zip with aeond.exe) and name your wallet.  Copy the key to your wallet then type help to get a list of commands.

Now that you have a wallet set up you will need mining software.  I am currently using xmr-stak because it works better with my AMD CPU/GPU. A google search can tell you which is better for your set up.

Very easy program to set up. Again this is all in DOS but it tells you what you need to do when setting it up. Just unpack and run the exe, but first you will need to find a pool. Pools for any mineable coin are easy to find with google. For AEON just go to Pick a pool that has enough miners that you wont have to wait for weeks to solve a block but not so many that the rewards are shit. Once you have chosen a pool start up xmr stak. Input the info for the pool and the wallet payout address and start mining.

Of course you can also just download Minergate from this URL

You will still need to set up a wallet but Minergate is a full GUI miner and very easy to get started with.

This info can just as easily be applied to mining Monero.
Also if you PC isn't very good AEON is a good choice to go with due to its much easier to hash so you will get better hash rates with it over Monero. Granted Monero is worth 299.82 to AEONs 3.53 at the time I posted this so take that into consideration as well.


Minergate Guide

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Download the miner software & install it

Run the miner, type your e-mail and password

Congratulations! You are in mining now :)

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